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Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Kitchen F&Qs

As part of our free outdoor kitchen design service, we provide scaled drawings along with expert advice to best transform your outdoor space.

The first step is to contact our Customer Service Team on 01732 884 030. Our Customer Service Team will ask you for a brief description of your project including how you intend to use the area and grills you are interested in.

Your information and project description will be passed to a member of our Design Team who will be in touch to discuss your project in more detail. Including grills, equipment, area size and cover any queries you have.

Once our design team has got all the information they need and fully understands your needs and wants a scaled drawing will be supplied along with any further information.

Yes, if the product you would like is out of stock you can place a backorder by contacting our Customer Service Team on 01732 884 030.

Orders are typically dispatched within 3-5 working days, this may vary at peak times (April-June). Any changes to time scales will be promoted on the website.

Please note some of our products are shipped directly from the suppliers in Italy and American and therefore have expected lead times of up to 10 weeks.

Orders up to £12: You pay just £4.00 shipping
Orders up to £99: You pay just £9.99 shipping
Orders over £100: Shipping is FREE

Yes, we can despatch outside of the UK. For orders outside of the UK please call our Customer Service Team on  01732 884 030.

Life Outdoors are happy to accept cancellations/returns that are notified to us in writing to our postal address (see below) or via email to within 14 working days of your delivery as stated in your statutory rights.

Please note all transactions with Outdoor Kitchens will appear on your bank statements as ‘The Lapa Co’. We accept payment from the following cards:

1. MasterCard

2. Visa Credit

3. Maestro Payments

4. JCB Payments

Alfa F&Qs

The wood is a fuel sometimes underestimated. It has a significantly high caloric power, superior to other sources of heat used for cooking, domestic and professional. Lighting a gas oven does not require more than a lot of attention; wood requires greater care which starts from its being chosen.

Of the types of wood for combustion, there are many and you should select the best based on the yield and efficiency. Many woods, in fact, tend to burn, generating little heat and should be avoided. Normally the wood used for cooking is oak or beech.

The ideal would be to combine them together to merge the advantages of both the essences. The beech belongs to the category of hardwood or the wood that has a weight (when dried) of about 700 kilograms per cubic meter. The aroma is very intense and mix it with that of oak will give the food a special flavor.

Beech and oak are great if used in the right way that is using oak to reach the oven temperature and beech for cooking.

For proper maintenance of the oven, make sure before you turn it on that the chimney flue is free from any objects and that ash from previous cooking has been removed.

The oven can be used all year round; in the winter, heat the oven with a smaller fire to avoid thermal shock due to the humidity.

Prevent corrosion by coating the oven metal parts with Vaseline.

It is recommended regular maintenance by a qualified technician.

Thermometer – clean with warm water and soap with a soft plastic scouring pad.

Stainless steel surfaces – wash with a soft cloth and a solution of soap and water. Make sure to rub following the grain of the stainless steel. Never use detergents containing acid, white spirit or xylene. Rinse well after cleaning the oven.

1. Clean the oven floor (when the oven is cold) with a brush and gently wipe the oven floor with a damp cloth.

2. Use a damp cloth to clean the external sheet.

3. Apply a light coat of vaseline to make the metal shine.

4. Remove and clean the chimney flue once a year; animals may nest there and/or ash may block the passage of smoke.

5. If traces of rust begin to appear, clean with a polishing brush and apply a thin coat of vaseline.

6. Do not use chemical products to clean the oven.

7. Do not clean the product when it is in use.

8. If the oven is exposed to a seaside, in order to prevent corrosion and fouling, it is recommended to frequently clean the oven with fresh water.

During periods of inactivity is advised to clean carefully the oven, grease the metal parts and cover it with the cover Alfa available on request. On the first use, inspect for potential signs of malfunction.

Wood Model Ignition: 

1. Make a small pile of wood in the centre of the oven with small pieces of dry wood.

2. When the wood is well-lit, add two larger logs and move the fire to one side.

3. After a few minutes of continuous burning, never excessive, the temperature of 250°C/482°F will be reached, burning to a dark soot. This is the moment the oven is ready to be used.

Gas Model Ignition: 

1. To ignite the pilot light, press and rotate the knob together with the piezo ignition button that discharges a spark to ignite the pilot light. To extinguish the flame on the main burner and leave only the pilot light on, turn the knob to the star. If the flame does not light, release the knob back to “zero position”, wait for about 3 minutes and repeat the lighting procedure.

2. Press and rotate the knob anti-clockwise and turn it on high flame.

3. Press and rotate the knob and position it on low flame.

4. To turn the main burner and the pilot light off completely, turn the knob to the dot.


In the first few times, it may be necessary to keep pressed the knob to the ON position for a few minutes in order to drain the gas inside the piping.

BeefEater F&Qs

BeefEater F&Qs

Your new BeefEater Barbecue comes complete with detailed, easy to follow assembly and installation instructions. Should you for any reason experience difficulties with assembly, please contact our Customer Service Team on 01732 884 030 we will be glad to assist you.

Your BeefEater Barbecue is manufactured and approved for outdoor use only. Never operate the barbecue inside your home, garage, recreational vehicle, or any enclosed area.

1. Select an outdoor location safely away from any flammable or combustible materials and in a position where passers-by are unlikely to be burnt, or meet with an accident. Keep the barbecue a minimum of 45cms (18”) from any combustible material.

2. Position the barbecue out of any direct wind which could affect combustion. This especially applies to the side burner.

3. Position the barbecue on a level surface. This applies to both mobile and built-in units.

Yes. If you are cooking a roast, it is a good idea to use the special BeefEater Roast Holder which not only keeps the meat away from the heat source but sits neatly into a baking tray. This is essential in the case of the 2-burner barbecue or BUGG where the meat tray will be sitting over direct heat. The indirect cooking is the best way to roast meat with the hood down.

For protection keep the barbecue and trolley covered with a special BeefEater Polyester PVC cover to minimise weathering by the elements when the barbecue is not in use.

Many food acids, marinades, juices and sauces contain highly acidic elements that will slowly attack the surface of the enamel if not removed immediately after cooking.

1. After use, remove all solid material from the cooking surfaces using a brass bristle brush or plastic scourer. Wipe off the remaining residue with a paper towel.

2. Gently wash the surface of the grills with a soft sponge and a solution of hot water and a mild dishwashing liquid.

3. Dry the grills immediately using a paper towel.

4. Coat the grills with a layer of cooking oil. This will protect the grills between barbecuing sessions. Do not use highly caustic, harsh or abrasive chemical cleaners to clean the cooking grills. (Always check the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations prior to use).

5. Before each subsequent use, pre-heat your BeefEater Barbecue for 10 minutes before cooking. Allow the unit to cool off and then remove any remains from previous cooking. Wipe off with a paper towel and then lightly coat with a layer of cooking oil. The cooking surfaces are now ready for barbecuing.

Heat the grill up high then rub two halves of lemons dipped in salt into the grill surface. The acidity and abrasiveness in the salted lemons will break down any stubborn fat and grease to make light work of cleaning.

Wash stainless steel and vitreous enamel with warm soapy water or detergent, using a clean cloth and if necessary a soft bristle brush. Only never use this method on the fascia, as harsh cleaners could damage the fascia graphics. Likewise, if your model features a glass window, this should be kept clean to maintain vision into the hood whilst cooking. Only clean the glass window when the hood is cold as water can crack the hot glass.

• In the case of stainless steel, cleaning in one direction only along the original polish lines produces the best results.
• To remove light grease or salt spray, use soap, liquid, or powder detergents with warm water.
• To remove heavy grease from vitreous enamel and powder-coated trolleys, use concentrated detergent or domestic cleaning powders.
• To remove heavy grease from stainless steel, use a recommended stainless steel cleaner.

Use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. BBQ wipes are also a great option. To remove heavy grease from stainless steel, use a recommended stainless steel cleaner.

You can test for leaks by spraying a mixture of soapy water over the gas bottle fittings and hose. If it bubbles, then there is a leak. Tighten the connections or replace the hose if it is leaking.

Napoleon Grills F&Qs

Registering your warranty is not necessary. Simply provide your proof of purchase along with the model and serial number to make a warranty claim. All warranty claims can be made through our Customer Service Team on 01732 884 030.

This is often caused by plugged ports along the back of the burners. Simply clean the burner ports.

A humming regulator is a normal occurrence on hot days. This is not a defect. It is caused by internal vibrations in the regulator, and does not affect the performance or safety of the gas grill.

There are a few potential causes for this, please follow the below steps:

Cause 1. Slipping igniter knob

Ensure that the knob is pushed firmly onto igniter. When installed correctly, it is difficult to remove.

Cause 2. Loose electrode wire

Check that the electrode wire is firmly pushed onto the terminal on the back of the igniter.

Cause 3. Improper gap at the electrode tip

Ensure that the collector box is tight and the gap between the electrode end and the collector box is between 1/8 – 3/16?. The gap can be adjusted by bending the box in or out.

Cause 4. Lifting flames on the burner

Close air shutter slightly, see the previous problem.

Due to the intense heat of the infrared burners, most dripping and food particles that fall onto the burner surface are immediately incinerated. However, some debris and residue may remain. To remove this residue after cooking, turn the grill on high with lid closed for 5-10 minutes.

Primo Grills F&Qs

There is two main difference between a Primo Grill and gas and or charcoal grill.

  1. Primo grills are ceramic and act like an insulator to hold in the heat and retain the natural moisture of food, so foods are incredibly juicy. Metal grills radiate heat and pull moisture from the food.
  2. Primo grills can be used as a grill, an oven, a roaster, and a smoker. Simply adjust the cooking configuration and airflow.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Backed by a 20-year guarantee on all ceramic parts.
  • Five years on all metal parts (excluding cast-iron parts).
  • One year on all cast iron parts.
  • 30 days on thermometers and felt gaskets.

Your Primo Grill will take approx. 15 minutes to reach cooking temperature. Which is about the same time it takes to preheat a gas grill.

No. Primo ceramics are very sturdy and there is no danger of cracking due to extreme heat, below zero temperatures, or rain. Do not pour water into the grill while it is hot to extinguish the lit charcoal. It may crack the ceramics, and it will definitely create a mess inside your grill.

No. The “crazing” effect on the surface of your grill It is not a cracking or defect in the glaze. It is the natural result of the very high temperatures we use to fire our ceramics, and the gloss black finish for the glaze. Other ceramic grill companies use a dull finish, because it reduces the visibility of crazing and also hides surface blemishes. If you look closely at other ceramic grills you will see some level of crazing. A gloss black finish just makes it stand out more.

Only natural lump charcoal should be used. Primo Natural Lump Charcoal is made from whole stock hardwood. It gives food a natural wood fire flavor, burns clean, and burns longer than briquette charcoal. Also, natural lump charcoal can be relit for multiple cooks.

Yes and no. You can use standard briquette charcoal but it will not achieve the high temperatures or extended burn times of natural lump charcoal. Do not use “Instant light” charcoal because the fumes will be absorbed by the ceramics and impart a “fuel taste” to the food.

Primo makes it own brand of paraffin fire starters. You can also use an electric starter, torch, chimney starter, or even a paper towel crumbled into a ball. Do not use starter fluid because it will be absorbed by the ceramics and impart a chemical or fuel taste to your food.

Heat source, amount of charcoal and airflow are likely one or more of the issues.

Make sure you are using dry and fresh natural lump charcoal. If you live in an area with high humidity or the charcoal has gotten wet it will not perform well. Also, mixing fresh charcoal with other charcoal that has been used in a previous cooking can reduce the temperature.

Solution: Purchase a fresh bag of Primo Natural Lump Charcoal or other premium brand. Also, make sure you are making a mound of lump charcoal that is at least halfway up the height of the firebox. Make sure that ash or small pieces of charcoal are not restricting the airflow of the lower draft door or the bottom of the fire grate located at the base of the firebox. Finally, fully open the draft door top vent for maximum airflow.

Primo grills are self-cleaning. The interior will blacken, but it does not need to wiped off. To clean the grill and main grate of food residue, heat the grill to 315°C/600°F+ for 30 minutes. The exterior can be cleaned with soap and water or a household cleaner.

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Heat Deflector Plates and Heat Deflector/Drip Pan Racks are an essential accessory for indirect cooking like baking, roasting and smoking. Other popular accessories include: Baking Stone, Extension Racks, Grill Table, and Grill Cover. In the end, it really depends on what you plan to cook and the available space.

Primo grills are made to live outside. Many owners prefer a grill cover to reduce occasional cleaning of the outside, or to protect the surface of their wood grill table from the sun and elements, or for off-season storage.

No. If you purchase a Primo wood grill table they are included.