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NApoleon bbqs

Napoleon BBQs are what your outdoor kitchen deserves. Upgrade Your Grilling Game™ with a Napoleon Grill. The Napoleon BBQ range includes built-in barbecues, freestanding barbecues, charcoal barbecues, and outdoor kitchens.

Using charcoal is the traditional form of infrared grilling that we’re all familiar with: glowing briquettes emit direct heat through infrared energy into the food being grilled, giving that mouth-watering smoky aroma and delicious crust. With the SIZZLE ZONE™ infrared burners from Napoleon®, you get these benefits plus convenient gas technology: each burner contains thousands of gas outlets that heat the ceramic surface until it starts to glow red. The resulting infrared rays don’t just warm the ambient air; the heat penetrates directly and deeply into the food. It also creates a consistent thermal area that, compared with a charcoal fire, is much easier to control. Napoleon® infrared burners produce extremely high temperatures, making them ideal for the preparation of juicy steaks, burgers, and other meats. The SIZZLE ZONE™ can also be used as a side burner, and combined with a ceramic heat plate provides the perfect way to prepare delicious stir-fries in a wok.


The Rogue® series combines innovative features, comprehensive functionality and refined design. Quality gas BBQs in the Rogue® series boasts a broad spectrum of applications, for example, the R365SIB and R425SIB are industry leading with their stainless steel cooking grids and Napoleon’s unique SIZZLE ZONETM side burners. The range side burner on the R425SB can be used for pans and other accessories to cook your side dishes and sauces while the main meal is prepared on the cast iron cooking grids in the spacious grill head.


High-quality workmanship and equipment are the key features of the Prestige® series. The solid stainless steel design offers its owners, not just a BBQ that has been built to last, but one that is very appealing to the eye. However, the real value of the Prestige® series goes beyond looks: the SIZZLE ZONE™ infrared side burner and the infrared rear burner make for a special kind of barbecuing experience. The four large main burners, combined with the super-effective stainless steel sear plates, offer maximum flexibility and efficiency for all kinds of BBQ recipes.


Sophisticated technology and the perfect design are key features of the Prestige PRO™ series, with its chrome accents and quality stainless steel construction emphasising the BBQ’s elegant appearance. Yet the Napoleon® Prestige PRO™ BBQ isn’t just good to look at: treat your guests to the perfect steak grilled on the Prestige PRO™, or create delicious meals using the optional rotisserie kit. In other words, the Prestige PRO™ series provides the ultimate barbecuing experience.

Napoleon LEX SERIES Built-in BBQs

The gourmet LEX series BBQs are almost too good to be true: high-quality stainless steel models at affordable prices combine all the functionality of an outdoor kitchen in just one appliance. Backlit control knobs allow for enlightened barbecuing delights well into the night, while the legendary SIZZLE ZONE™ (to the side on the LEX 485 or within the grill head on the LEX 605 and LEX 730) allows you to grill the perfect tasting steak. The range of equipment is so comprehensive that the LEX BBQs are among the best in their class. The stainless steel fi nish means a long lifespan and many hours spent with friends around the BBQ.