Best Barbecues to Cook up a Fest this Summer!

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Comparison: Built-in BBQ v Freestanding Barbecues

Are you looking to purchase a new BBQ? Perhaps you’re replacing an existing model or you’re getting your first BBQ just in time for summer entertaining! Whatever stage you’re at, we're here to help! At Outdoor Kitchens we are experts in all things outdoor cooking, from Barbecues and Pizza Oven to bespoke, custom built outdoor kitchens.

The type of BBQ that will suit your needs ultimately depends on the below. Having a good idea and response to the below questions will make your buying process easier:

Your space: Do you have a large outdoor entertaining area or does your home only have a small patio? Maybe you live in an apartment and your balcony is your only outdoor space? A Freestanding BBQ will best suit a smaller home/garden. If you have space to wheel and or move, then a Freestanding BBQ with wheels will be perfect.

Your lifestyle: Do you want to move your BBQ or take it with you when you’re camping or even when moving house? Or will your BBQ be a permanent value-add to your home? If you are looking for a more permanent feature to your garden or outdoor kitchen then a built-in BBQ is perfect.

Who are you feeding: how many people do you usually cook for? Is it just for your immediate family or do you usually entertain friends and neighbours too? This will depend on your space. If you have or will be creating a dedicated outdoor kitchen or entertaining area, then a Built-In BBQ is the perfect fit. If you want more flexibility and want to take your BBQ with you, then a Freestanding BBQ is the one for you.

What else should I consider when buying a BBQ?

Other factors to take into account when shopping for a BBQ include:

Your budget

The BBQ fuel type: gas, electric or charcoal

Storage space such as side trays and condiment baskets

Other cooking functions like a wok burner, roasting hood & temperature gauge