Outdoor Kitchens is one of the industries leading outdoor living brands that make up the Life Outdoors Group. Distributing premium Barbecue, Pizza Oven, Outdoor Fridge, and Outdoor Kitchen brands to BBQ enthusiasts across the UK.

We have a passion for Grilling and we want to share that with you!

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  • Do you have to be an Outdoor Kitchen Customer?

    Technically, no. However, we always recommend that you at least have a passion for outdoor grilling.

    Are there any joining fees?

    You don’t need to pay any fees to join our affiliate program or receive your pay-outs. Sometimes, though, your preferred payment type imposes certain fees for certain transactions

    What is the lifespan of the referral cookie you track?

    We provide our affiliates with a 30-day cookie duration. However, if a referral has created an account within that time but triggers a sale after those 30 days, you will still be eligible for a commission.

  • When will you payout my commissions?

    All commissions will get approved within the first 20 working days of the next month. Payments will be paid the last working day of the next month.

    How do I get paid?

    Rewards are paid out via PayPal or Stripe. Before cashing out, make sure you have the correct PayPal email address or Stripe account details linked inside your Rewards & Withdrawals section.

    What if I refer a sale that is later refunded?

    If the sale you referred to is refunded, your commission will be reversed and declined. You will be able to check this in the Rewards & Withdrawals section.