Alfa Table Top Pizza Ovens

Want to tuck into a homemade pizza with all the freshness of the great outdoors? Now it is easier than ever before to enjoy an authentic Italian tasting pizza in the comfort of your own garden.

If you want to take your outdoor cooking to a new level, then an Alfa table top pizza oven is for you. Available as either wood or gas-fired, the pizza oven is the latest must-have garden accessory.

Alfa pizza ovens are innovative cooking tools that can deliver great performances even in the domestic environment thanks to the developments in their technology and design. Freeing you from the constraints on an interior kitchen, cooking alfresco offers more room to entertain and host.

The characteristics of Alfa ovens

The wood fire is synonym with fascination; it always evokes feelings of pleasantness in your soul related to warm memories of the past. The firewood blazing in the oven gives off homogeneous heat that supplies food with unique fragrance and flavour. The wood-burning oven is everything to everyone; by changing temperature and cooking times, you can cook whatever you want: meat, pasta, fish, puddings and you name it.

The floor of our ovens is made of refractory material while the dome is built of steel in a perfect match of tradition and technology.

With Alfa wood-fired ovens you can make cooking a daily pleasure. In a few minutes the oven heats up so much that you can cook everything in it pronto. In the balcony, in the kitchen, in the garden or in the hobby room, everywhere is the right place to put it and anyway every time is the right time to share moments of life with loving people eating good food cooked in a wood-fired oven. Alfa products are made in our plant by using selected and certified clays and steels.

Forninox Technology

The Alfa Inox line of ovens enhances every outdoor cooking experience. Beauty meets performance with the purpose of improving the flavour of your dishes and the pleasure of your days. Every single feature of Alfa ovens is specifically designed to better your way of life.

Rapid ignition, high-precision cooking, 5 minutes are enough to reach 500°C (932°F), only 1 allows you to cook a pizza, and a few more to clean it up. Ovens for people whose time is precious and want to spend it with friends!

Make cooking more fun grilling, baking and preparing creative and moreish dishes and try our delicious recipes in an oven that is also a statement of style.

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